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  1. August 24, 2021

    Make Your Painting Jobs Effective & Hassle-Free with Wooster Painting Tools

    A professional's first choice for painting supplies, wholesale construction supplies, and safety-related equipment, Integrity Supply Inc. offers an extensive range of Wooster painting tools which make the painting jobs effective and hassle-free. All of the Wooster brushes they have in stock feature smooth bristles, which easily blend with all oil-based or alkyd paints, low VOC coatings, enamels, and high-grade acrylics, to deliver seamless results. The brushes also have a steel ferrule which is completely rust-resistant. 

    The handles of Wooster painting brushes provide a soft, comfortable feel and resist solvents, while their sandpapers are extremely durable, resist slipping, tearing, curling and clogging, making them perfect for surface sanding, roughing, and

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  2. August 23, 2021

    Best Roller Covers from Wooster Painting Tools

    During the process of painting, choosing a roller cover of good quality can make a significant difference in the final outcome. This is because roller covers possess the ability to soak-in much more paint than the brushes, helping you paint large surfaces conveniently and in relatively lesser time. Besides painting flat walls of your rooms, rollers are also an excellent choice for accomplishing good quality painting on stucco, concrete, and thick surfaces. 

    So, special consideration needs to be taken while selecting a roller cover, else you might end up scratching your head, staying confused and astonished with the results! In such a situation, making Wooster as your trusted painting partner can end your struggle, helping you achieve your desired results within your budget.

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  3. August 23, 2021

    Graco Paint Spraying Equipment

    Today, with the fast-paced urbanization, heavy-duty industrial products are being built on a large scale and at a rapid speed. The need for good quality, Graco paint spraying equipment has emerged, to perform multiple coats effectively in a short span of time.

    Paint Spraying equipment is preferred over other painting methods because the mass production of industrial products such as trains, planes, cars, ships, bikes, & commercial roofing require fast-paced paint spraying methods that deliver excellent results with efficiency.

    Paint spraying can prove to be effective only if the quality of the equipment is top-notch. The use of superior quality equipment yields numerous

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  4. August 19, 2021

    BESTT LIEBCO Painting Equipments for all Kind of Painting Jobs

    A well-executed painting job not only provides an attractive glow and lively ambiance to the house, but also serves a variety of purposes such as protecting home exteriors from UV light, frost, rain, and other extreme weather conditions. In addition, a good quality paint job will last for many years, which means less expenditure on the maintenance of the house. Furthermore, the usage of various color schemes gives a renewed look to the house.

    But, for performing a good quality paint job, it is very important to use high-quality paint equipment. And, when it is about cost-effectiveness and superior quality, BESTT LIEBCO stands apart. So, if you are looking to purchase high-quality BESTT LIEBCO painting equipment, partnering with Integrity Supply Inc. is your only option. Here are listed a few

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  5. August 19, 2021

    Personal Protective Equipment to Reduces the Risk of Accidents

    Industrial and commercial sectors, such as manufacturing, mining, construction, energy and others carry the risk of injuries or fatalities. In order to work comfortably, securely and productively in these sectors, workers need to wear the highest quality personal protective equipment. There are many types of personal protective equipment available in the market, each having their specific functionality and usage. Here are listed down a few benefits of personal protective equipment.

    Eye and face protective equipment protect users from chemical or metal splashes, dust, gas, vapor and even lethal radiation. There are a variety of safety gears including Safety spectacles,

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  6. August 06, 2021

    Transform Your Home into a Masterpiece by Using Corona Paint Brushes

    Just as a good artist needs a good brush to create a masterpiece, similarly for painting homes, you need a high quality and flexible brush. A high-quality professional brush used for painting jobs doesn't have loose bristles, helping painting professionals give a seamless finish to your home exteriors and interiors. Various other advantages such as fast overall painting, less manual effort, no ridges, less filament shedding and many others, act like a bonus while using a good quality paint brush. But, finding a reliable paint brush supplier in this cut-throat competition can prove to be a tricky task for many, and quite challenging for those who don't have any idea about painting works. This challenging task ends when you come across Corona professional painting accessories. Corona has been manufacturing professional painting brushes for over three generations

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  7. August 06, 2021

    Overcome Your Challenges by Using Graco Fluid Handling Products

    Today, fluid technology is prevailing extensively in the industries. Various industries are using the fluid technology for manufacturing good quality fluid handling equipment. But, it is important to have an awareness about the challenges faced while using fluid technology. While manufacturing fluid handling equipment, often the industries face numerous complications such as moisture control, reliability of quality, safety issues, difficulty in dealing with fluids which contain large amounts of solid content, leakage issues, dealing with viscosity of liquids and flexibility issues. Therefore, it is extremely important to collaborate with a brand that can provide solutions to all the above-mentioned issues while manufacturing fluid handling products. The one-stop destination for the customers who are looking for such a type of brand is Graco. 

    Graco is a reputed brand which provides

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  8. August 06, 2021

    Ensure Smooth Painting with Bestt Liebco Painting Brushes and Rollers

    The most important factor that motivates a person to earn a decent wage by toiling day and night in their offices is to have a good house that can provide shelter and comfort to his/her family. Thus, a significant part of an individual's income is expended on building or purchasing a pleasing home. But, owning a dream home is not enough, its maintenance is extremely important to prolong life and add value to it. And, when it's all about improving the visual appeal of homes, a fresh painting job is all you need. However, the most commonly recurring concern that is considered in the process is the quality of brushes and rollers used for painting. Various questions arise in the mind of professionals before they go ahead to purchase paint brushes and rollers, such as will these brushes be able to hold sufficient quality of paint? Will they shed their bristles

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  9. August 06, 2021

    Give a Perfect Finish to Your Interiors with Purdy Professional Painting Tools

    Executing a good painting job is not a rocket science, but, at the same time, achieving the expected results is also not a cakewalk if you are short of professional tools. With the right set of painting tools and accessories, you can not only create masterpieces, but can also make everyone feel wow of your skills. However, finding the appropriate painting tools is not an easy task when the market is full of innumerable brands. If you are stuck in such a situation, and unable to sort out an ideal brand, going with Purdy Professional Painting tools is sure to get your task done the right way. 


    An unrivalled leader, Purdy Professional Tools have in stock a wide selection of top-quality painting tools, including mini roller covers, mini roller frames, professional

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  10. August 05, 2021

    Make Your Painting Jobs More Productive and Enjoyable With Corona Paint Brushes

    Selecting the right equipment and tools is quite essential for successful completion of any painting project. The right painting tools help both professionals and hobbyists to get their painting job done easily. 


    Similarly, the right paint tools and paint accessories can get the painting results that you will be proud of. There are various types of tools which are used for painting jobs, but the paint brush is one that ensures the quality of a painting job. Brushes used by professional painters are quite different from those which are used by artists. 


    Today, the paint brush market has grown massively. When you visit a painting shop or a hardware store, it will be hard for you to decide between them. These brushes come

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