1. January 05, 2021

    Integrity Supply Now Offers Line Stripers by Graco

    When it comes to paint brushes, you'll find only the best at Integrity Supply, Inc. The company is dedicated to offering premium wholesale painting, construction and safety supplies. While showcasing only the top-notch brands, this online store offers quality-made Purdy Paint Brushes to its customers.

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  2. December 21, 2020

    Popular Purdy XL Glide Paint Brush is In-Stock at Integrity Supply, Inc.

    Integrity Supply, Inc. is now supplying the widely used and popular Purdy XL Glide Paint Brush for both interior and exterior painting jobs.

    Instead of choosing a run-of-the-mill cheap brush, one should choose the Purdy Glide Brush for its extensive attractive features. A spokesperson for Integrity Supply, Inc. elaborates, Each XL brush style has its own unique hand-chiseled formulation for maximum paint lift and smooth no-drag application.

    A professional paint brush, he adds, applies a smoother finish with less brush strokes; paint is applied faster and with less effort. Plus, if properly cleaned and stored, it will last for years. Inexpensive paint brushes can shed bristles into the finish and are difficult to work with, producing an inferior finish and more frustration.

    How Purly XL Glide qualifies for a stress-free painting job is by the use of DuPont's finest solid, round, tapered (SRT) Tynex nylon and Orel polyester filaments on its bristles. They retain

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  3. December 14, 2020

    Less Effort & More Paint Guaranteed with Purdy Paint Brushes, Now Available at Integrity Supply, Inc.

    Purdy needs no introduction when it comes to offering some of the highest-quality paint brushes. A lot of novice painters often find themselves falling for advertisements and baseless gimmicks. Whereas, Purdy paint brushes are among the only brands that have been cultivated by word-of-mouth, and ensure a perfect painting experience with each spread.

    Integrity Supply, Inc. is one of the most reliable construction supply stores in the US, offering original Purdy paint brushes at wholesale prices ensuring the brand comes affordable to its customers. The store believes in endorsing only the best and most trustworthy goods and has therefore introduced a whole range of Purdy brushes to its inventory.

    The collection includes some of the most sought-after paint brushes Purdy XL Glide being one of them. The XL brushes by Purdy are highly recommended for both interior and exterior painting projects, affirms a spokesperson for Integrity Supply, Inc.

    He adds, Purdy XL Glide

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  4. December 02, 2020

    Colored Masking Tapes

    Designed to raise productivity and improve the quality of your finished products today, masking tapes come in a wide variety of adhesive formulations, backing materials and coatings. Yet, most tapes are almost impossible to tell apart. That's why Industrial Color Masking Tapes now make it easy to select exactly the right tape you need for most applications, eliminating confusion, downtime and costly errors, whether you need high temperature resistance, clean removal, or super-sharp paint lines.

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  5. November 26, 2020

    Integrity Supply Carries the Best Selection of Purdy Paint Brushes

    When it comes to paint brushes, you'll find only the best at Integrity Supply, Inc. The company is dedicated to offering premium wholesale painting, construction and safety supplies. While showcasing only the top-notch brands, this online store offers quality-made Purdy Paint Brushes to its customers.

    This Purdy Brush range is outstanding when it comes to performance; highly popular and widely used, this series can be used for both interior and exterior painting projects. Made of Tynex, Nylon and Orel, these paint brushes easily work with all Polyester paint types. Available in all styles including Flat Trim, Angular Trim, Straight Trim, Enamel/Wall, Wall, Flatting; they are true masters.

    All these brushes are unique and offer the highest level of efficiency while painting. In fact, as each brush style is unique, so is its application. Their specific hand-chiseled formulation for maximum paint lift and smooth no-drag application is what makes the difference. That's why

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  6. November 25, 2020

    Three Advantages of Wearing Safety Gear in the Workplace

    A wide range of industries, like manufacturing, chemical production, packaging, welding, etc., require high-end equipment for smooth flow of work processes. Working in these industries requires sufficient knowledge, hands-on-skills, as well as proper safety gear, in order to avoid job related accidents. So, let's delve in and discuss three great benefits of wearing safety gear.

    Head Injury Protection
    A wide range of industries, like manufacturing, chemical production, pac Hard hats are one of the best pieces of safety equipment, and are designed to protect employees from different types of injuries, including head impact, penetration injuries, electrical injuries, and those caused due to falling or fixed objects.

    Leg Injury Protection
    A wide range of industries, like manufacturing, chemical production, pac The ideal way to avoid leg injuries is through the use of foot guards and safety shoes, which are especially manufactured with robust materials, like leather

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  7. November 11, 2020

    Brighten Up any Room with Professional Painting Tools by Purdy

    Painting is one of the easiest ways to freshen up a room. Whether an exterior surfaces or the interior of your home, a good paint job can radically transform the ambience of the space. Get the job done right the first time and avoid problems such as drips, stains, gritty finishes, wrinkled paint, brush marks, and multiple coats-by using the right tools.

    Purdy, a renowned crafter of professional brushes and supplies, offers a wide selection of products to ensure a perfect finish. Whether you need roller covers, brushes, knives, scrapers, sponges, or brush handles, all of their products are manufactured with highest-grade materials to ensure you get the job done done easily and efficiently. So, if you are looking for a reliable provider of Purdy professional painting tools, choose Integrity Supply, Inc.

    For the past 17 years, Integrity Supply, Inc. has been supplied millions of customers with professional Purdy painting tools. Several of their top sellers include; the Black

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  8. November 03, 2020

    3M Safety PPE: Designed To Ensure Highest Level of Safety for Your Employees

    If you're in manufacturing or construction, you know the importance of implementing an effective safety program for your business. The benefits of maintaining a safe work environment are many, but first and foremost, safety is about what you can do to protect your workers. In fact, a safe work environment is important for the well-being of both, employers and employees. However, safety in the workplace is an ever-growing concern in today's business community, especially in manufacturing and construction industry, as these businesses rely on machinery, dangerous environments and heavy equipment for their work.

    Unfortunately, working around heavy machines or equipment is one of the key reasons for work related injuries across the globe. Many employers attempt to mitigate these hazards by implementing regular training regarding workplace hazards, how hazards can negatively impact the health and how emergency situations should be handled. Apart from safety training, employers should

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  9. October 29, 2020

    Overcome Challenges Faced During Usage of Fluid Technology by Using Graco Fluid Handling Products

    Today, fluid technology is prevailing extensively in the industries. Various industries are using the fluid technology for manufacturing good quality fluid handling equipment. But, it is important to have an awareness about the challenges faced while using fluid technology. While manufacturing fluid handling equipment, often the industries face numerous complications such as moisture control, reliability of quality, safety issues, difficulty in dealing with fluids which contain large amount of solid content, leakage issues, dealing with viscosity of liquids and flexibility issues. Therefore, it is extremely important to collaborate with a brand that can provide solutions to all the above-mentioned issues while manufacturing fluid handling products. The one-stop destination for the customers who are looking for such type of brand is Graco.

    Graco is a reputed brand which provides best quality fluid handling products that are manufactured with utmost precision, due to which they

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  10. October 01, 2020

    Corona Paint Brushes: A Perfect Way to Transform Homes into Masterpieces

    Just as a good artist needs a good brush to create a masterpiece, similarly for painting homes, you need a high quality and flexible brush. A high-quality professional brush used for painting jobs doesn't have loose bristles, helping painting professionals give a seamless finish to your home exteriors and interiors. Various other advantages such as fast overall painting, less manual effort, no ridges, less filament shedding and many others, act like a bonus while using a good quality paint brush. But, finding a reliable paint brush supplier in this cut-throat competition can prove to be a tricky task for many, and quite challenging for those who don't have any idea about painting works. This challenging task ends when you come across Corona professional painting accessories.

    Corona has been manufacturing professional painting brushes for over three generations and focuses on each minute detail to ensure painting professionals can easily create a wonderful ambience for their clients'

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