During the process of painting, choosing a roller cover of good quality can make a significant difference in the final outcome. This is because roller covers possess the ability to soak-in much more paint than the brushes, helping you paint large surfaces conveniently and in relatively lesser time. Besides painting flat walls of your rooms, rollers are also an excellent choice for accomplishing good quality painting on stucco, concrete, and thick surfaces. 

So, special consideration needs to be taken while selecting a roller cover, else you might end up scratching your head, staying confused and astonished with the results! In such a situation, making Wooster as your trusted painting partner can end your struggle, helping you achieve your desired results within your budget.

Wooster Painting Products supply high quality roller covers which possess high paint holding capacity and are manufactured with the best fabric materials, making them suitable for easily performing painting jobs on flat and rough surfaces of different widths and sizes. Wooster roller covers are highly durable and feature a special core which resists water solvents and cracking. Those looking for high quality Wooster roller covers can count on Integrity Supply Inc. for their requirements.

Integrity Supply Inc. is one of the most reputed names in the industry for providing best quality paint supplies, wholesale construction supplies, and safety-related equipment. The variety of Wooster roller covers they have in stock includes Cirrus Roller Covers, Epoxy Glide Roller Covers, Jumbo Super Roller Covers and Micro Plush Roller Covers, to name a few.

With their continuous dedicated efforts, this renowned online store has managed to garner a strong customer base across the USA. Besides roller covers, they also provide cleaning accessories, cleaning tools, sanding rolls, spray hoses, sanding belts, bucket grids, airless paint spraying accessories, white cloth gloves, and much more.