A well-executed painting job not only provides an attractive glow and lively ambiance to the house, but also serves a variety of purposes such as protecting home exteriors from UV light, frost, rain, and other extreme weather conditions. In addition, a good quality paint job will last for many years, which means less expenditure on the maintenance of the house. Furthermore, the usage of various color schemes gives a renewed look to the house.

But, for performing a good quality paint job, it is very important to use high-quality paint equipment. And, when it is about cost-effectiveness and superior quality, BESTT LIEBCOstands apart. So, if you are looking to purchase high-quality BESTT LIEBCO painting equipment, partnering with Integrity Supply Inc. is your only option. Here are listed a few BESTT LIEBCO products that you can purchase online from Integrity Supply, Inc.

BESTT STAINER is 100% White China Bristle stain block brush features a two-piece screw-in, and removable handle, which is threaded for optional extension pole use. The BESTT STAINER is highly regarded by many professionals worldwide for water-based & oil-based coatings. MASTER POLYESTER KNIT This knit is made up of high-density polyester fabric which allows greater coverage and durability. Its full body is covered with fabric that eliminates matting and splattering and is ideal for use with flat, eggshell and satin finishes.

The Trim Stainer is specifically designed for stains, preservatives and waterproofers. It is the most suitable choice when an extremely smooth finish is desired with oil-based coatings. TRUE-PRO PALMER It is formulated with a blend of the finest solid round and tapered (SRT) filaments. These versatile brushes are designed to provide a smooth finish with all types of paint.

Integrity Supply Inc. has partnered with various world-renowned manufacturers, such as Graco, Purdy, 3M, Dynamic, Corona, Wooster, Norton, etc., to provide state-of-the-art paint, wholesale construction, and safety-related equipment at the most competitive prices. So, visit IntegritySupply.com today, order your desired painting products, and get it delivered to your doorstep for no extra cost.