Industrial and commercial sectors, such as manufacturing, mining, construction, energy and others carry the risk of injuries or fatalities. In order to work comfortably, securely and productively in these sectors, workers need to wear the highest quality personal protective equipment. There are many types of personal protective equipment available in the market, each having their specific functionality and usage. Here are listed down a few benefits of personal protective equipment.

Eye and face protective equipment protect users from chemical or metal splashes, dust, gas, vapor and even lethal radiation. There are a variety of safety gears including Safety spectacles, goggles, face screens, face shields, visors, and many others, which have been specially manufactured to ensure they provide complete protection to the user's eye and face. Ear Protection Earplugs, earmuffs, and a lot other ear protective equipment that prove to be beneficial for individuals working in an excessively noisy environment. Head and Neck Protection, there are job activities that are associated with risks of falling, head bumping, hair getting tangled in machinery, chemical drips or splash, and others.

These risks can be avoided by wearing industrial safety helmets, bump caps, hairnets and firefighters' helmets. Hands and Arms Protection There are various hazards like abrasion, temperature, chemicals, electric shock, radiation, and longer immersion in water, which can cause irreparable damage to the workers.

To avoid these hazards, there are Gloves, gloves with a cuff, gauntlets and sleeves. Feet and Leg Protection Safety boots and shoes are the great protective equipment that provides utmost safety to the user's feet and legs efficiently. They are designed using the supreme grade materials under the strict quality control standards.

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