Purdy needs no introduction when it comes to offering some of the highest-quality paint brushes. A lot of novice painters often find themselves falling for advertisements and baseless gimmicks. Whereas, Purdy paint brushes are among the only brands that have been cultivated by word-of-mouth, and ensure a perfect painting experience with each spread.

Integrity Supply, Inc. is one of the most reliable construction supply stores in the US, offering original Purdy paint brushes at wholesale prices ensuring the brand comes affordable to its customers. The store believes in endorsing only the best and most trustworthy goods and has therefore introduced a whole range of Purdy brushes to its inventory.

The collection includes some of the most sought-after paint brushes, Purdy XL Glide being one of them. The XL brushes by Purdy are highly recommended for both interior and exterior painting projects, affirms a spokesperson for Integrity Supply, Inc.

He adds, Purdy XL Glide Brush applies a smoother finish with less brush strokes; paint is applied faster and with less effort. Plus, if properly cleaned and stored, they will last for years. Inexpensive paint brushes can shed bristles into the finish and are difficult to work with, producing an inferior finish and more frustration.