Integrity Supply, Inc. is now supplying the widely used and popular Purdy XL Glide Paint Brush for both interior and exterior painting jobs.

Instead of choosing a run-of-the-mill cheap brush, one should choose the Purdy Glide Brush for its extensive attractive features. A spokesperson for Integrity Supply, Inc. elaborates, Each XL brush style has its own unique hand-chiseled formulation for maximum paint lift and smooth no-drag application.

A professional paint brush, he adds, applies a smoother finish with less brush strokes; paint is applied faster and with less effort. Plus, if properly cleaned and stored, it will last for years. Inexpensive paint brushes can shed bristles into the finish and are difficult to work with, producing an inferior finish and more frustration.

How Purly XL Glide qualifies for a stress-free painting job is by the use of DuPont's finest solid, round, tapered (SRT) Tynex nylon and Orel polyester filaments on its bristles. They retain stiffness from the bristles making painting projects easier during hot and humid weather conditions.