RAC X SwitchTip (blue handle)*

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The blue RAC X Switch tips are designed for spraying latex paint in residential, commercial or industrial applications and are original equipment on new Graco Contractor series sprayers. This versatile tip will spray lacquers to mastics and are the highest performing, longest lasting airless pray tips in the industry. With a RAC X Guard they can be used on virtually all modern airless sprayers with a 7/8"" threaded gun.
Available Graco RAC X Tip Sizes LTX109 LTX319 LTX439 LTX537 LTX635 LTX833 LTX111 LTX321 LTX441 LTX539 LTX637 LTX835 LTX115 LTX323 LTX443 LTX541 LTX639 LTX207 LTX325 LTX445 LTX543 LTX641 LTX209 LTX327 LTX451 LTX545 LTX643 LTX211 LTX329 LTX455 LTX551 LTX645 LTX213 LTX331 LTX509 LTX555 LTX651 LTX215 LTX335 LTX511 LTX561 LTX655 LTX217 LTX409 LTX513 LTX611 LTX661 LTX219 LTX411 LTX515 LTX613 LTX665 LTX221 LTX413 LTX517 LTX615 LTX671 LTX225 LTX419 LTX519 LTX617 LTX721 LTX227 LTX421 LTX521 LTX619 LTX723 LTX231 LTX423 LTX523 LTX621 LTX729 LTX235 LTX425 LTX525 LTX623 LTX735 LTX309 LTX427 LTX527 LTX625 LTX817 LTX311 LTX429 LTX529 LTX627 LTX819 LTX313 LTX431 LTX531 LTX629 LTX821 LTX315 LTX433 LTX533 LTX631 LTX827 LTX317 LTX435 LTX535 LTX633 LTX831