LineLazer RAC 5 SwitchTip (yellow handle)

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Quick Overview

Graco RAC 5 LineLazer SwitchTips create a clean, laser-sharp line, while spraying anything from heavy water-based paints to thin alkyd traffic paints. Graco line striper tips are specifically designed to create clean, laser sharp lines with no fuzzy edges. RAC 5 Line-Lazer SwitchTips ensure consistent paint thickness from edge to edge with less overspray for long lasting lines.

* Creates clean, laser-sharp lines with no fuzzy edges or thin spots * Designed specifically for parking lots, roads, warehouse floors, crosswalks and athletic fields * Sprays heavy water-base to thin alkyd traffic paints * Ensures consistent paint thickness, from edge to edge, less overspray and long-lasting lines * One (1) Graco RAC 5 Switchtip, One (1) black rubber gasket, and One (1) metal seat

Graco RAC V Line Lazer Tips Sizes

LL5213, LL5215, LL5217, LL5219, LL5315, LL5317, LL5319, LL5321, LL5323, LL5325, LL5327, LL5329, LL5331, LL5333
LL5335, LL5335,LL5355, LL5417, LL5419, LL5421, LL5423, LL5425, LL5427, LL5429, LL5431, LL5435, LL5621, LL5623, LL5625, LL5627, LL5629, LL5631, LL5635, LL5639