Inslx RP-2720 1G Black Pool Paint Rubber Based 340 VOC (2 Pack)

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Insl-x Products
A new generation of synthetic rubber pool paint which can be applied over all types of pool coatings in good condition, as well as bare concrete or plaster surfaces. They dry quickly for re-coating, and withstands continuous submersion in fresh and salt water. They provide a durable fade resistant finish that protects the pool surface while providing a sparkling decorative pool color. Insl-x RP Series Pool Paints are specially designed to replace traditional chlorinated rubber based pool paints in VOC regulated areas like ÒOTC statesÓ in the Northeast and ÒLAADCO statesÓ in the Great Lakes area. The RP2700Series Pool Paints are low VOC and compliant in all areas except California.
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