Hyde 09410 4" Maxxgrip Stainless Steel Inside Corner Tool (5 Pack)

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Pack of : 5
For drywall taping and patching For smooth defined corner joints 4-Inch wide flexible stainless blades with 103 degree angle to flex tightly into inside 90 degree corners
For Creating Smooth, Defined Corner Joints During Drywall Taping And Patching. Highlights: Inside Corner Tool Flexible; Stainless Steel For Joint And Compound Taping 4 Inch Wide Blade With 103 Angle To Flex Tightly Into 90 Corners Durable Aluminum Blade Mounting Hardwood Handle For Drywall Taping And Patching For Smooth Defined Corner Joints Stainless Steel Blade In A Lightweight Tool Maxxgrip Style Handle.