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Corona Paint Brushes constructs each brush by hand. With the right amount of stock, taper, and a hand formed, soft-flagged edge, Corona insures smooth, even, fast coverage time and time again. If you need more proof of quality, Corona even puts a lifetime guarantee on each of their brushes!

You can shop from a wide range of Corona paint brushes such as Performance Chinex, Red Gold Nylon Polyester, Champagne Nylon, Black Nylon & More.

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Black China

Corona Black China Bristle We select the finest natural black China bristles then process them in-house to ensure extra clean, straight material. This time-consuming practice uses traditional methods of sorting, cleaning, and combing, combined with unique techniques developed by Corona over more than three generations of bristle processing and paintbrush manufacturing

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White China

Corona White China Bristle Slightly thinner and softer than the black China bristle, 100% natural white China bristle is recommended for solvent-based stains, varnishes, marine coatings, and urethanes. Our white China bristle line offers a full array of sash, trim, and wall brushes, as well as specialty tools to meet the needs of professional painters.

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Black Nylon

Corona Black Nylon The original synthetic brush filament, black nylon was developed just before World War II and gained wide use in the next decade with the growth in use of water-based paints. Deep flagg tips are created in-house for super smooth paint finishing. A hand-formed chisel provides sharp, accurate cutting-in and preserves the flaggs.

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Champagne Nylon

Corona Champagne Nylon A softer synthetic filament, ideal for applying interior latex, enamels, eggshell, and flat paints. Deep flagg tips are created in-house to resemble those of natural China bristles for super smooth paint finishing. The chisel is hand formed to provide extra sharp, accurate cutting-in and preserve the smooth flagg tips.

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Red-Gold Nylon Polyester

A unique blend, our Red-Gold™ series combines the best elements of solid round tapered DuPont™ Tynex® Nylon and Orel® Polyester filaments for interior and exterior painting. The Red-Gold™ Series offers superior paint application in oil and latex paints, inside and outside, winter-spring-summer-or fall.

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Performance Chinex

Corona Performance Chinex The ultimate in professional application of today's hi-tech coatings. Designed, formulated, and constructed with a full stock of 100% DuPont™ Chinex® tapered synthetic filament to maximize the benefits of superior paint release and cleanup of this unique material.

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Corona All American

All American brushes have been designed and constructed with an exclusive new tri-filament formulation to work in all paints. The thin construction and lightweight hardwood handles offer very comfortable balance and ‘feel’ – a new level of quality paint application and tool comfort from Corona

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Speciality Brushes

Corona Specialty Brushes This section includes tools for the wallpaper hanger, the floor finisher, and other specialists.

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Badger Style Bristle

Corona Badger-Style Bristle This distinctive line combines the appearance of badger hair with the natural flex, taper and flagg of pure China bristle.

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