Contractor PC Compact Gun Whip Kit with RAC X LP 517 Tip and 1/8 in. x 4.5 ft. Whip Hose

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Comfort: it is one of the lightest guns in its class and the traction force of the trigger is 50% lighter than with other guns. This means that contractors can do their job faster and with less fatigue. Flexibility: with the ultra-thin BlueMax 䋢 II auxiliary hose, contractors can work more flexibly and operate the gun better. Speed: easy to repair on site without tools thanks to the exclusive ProConnect replacement cartridge.


Just reuse or toss the FlexLiner paint bag when done Multi color projects are a breeze with a FlexLiner paint bag for each change of paint colors the Use with stain, latex and oil-based paints and primers Paint bag size is 32 oz. Package contains 3 paint bags