Chapin 20002 2 Gallon Surespray Sprayer (1 Pack)

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Chapin International
Shellac cut with this solvent will give a smooth film of high gloss and good color. Good primer for floors, wood, furniture, and plaster. Can be used to clean shellac brushes after use. Cleans typewriters, printing ink rubber rolls, metal parts, glass, etc. As a fuel, produces a hot, clean, smokeless, and odorless flame, providing a maximum amount of heat. Use in marine alcohol stove or other wick-type alcohol stove as instructed by manufacturer. Do not use in any stove unless it is specified as an alcohol fuel stove.
Sprayer with an anti-clog filter and adjustable nozzle. Has a funnel top opening for no-mess filling and is translucent for ease in checking fluid level. Comes with a spray handle, straight wand and reinforced hose. For weed control, pest control and fertilizers.
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Manufacturer Chapin International
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