3M MP12 12" x 60Yd Masking Paper

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Premium masking paper on a roll 12 in x 60 yd^For use with 3M Hand-Masker System tools (M3000 and M1000-SB)^DIY and Pro painter product usage^Use it to protect all areas including skirting, as a general drop cloth and overall paint protection
3M Hand-Masker Premium Quality Masking Paper MP12, 12 in x 60 yd. This 3M Hand-Masker premium quality masking paper roll is specially formulated to minimize bleed through of water-based and oil-based materials. Premium masking paper provides a stronger paint bleed-through protection than general purpose masking paper. For use with 3M Hand-Masker System tools (M3000 or M1000-SB). For use in painting when protecting windows, railings and other painting projects.