3M 99411NA 9" x 11" 220A Garnet Sandpaper 25Pk

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Natural garnet mineral fractures during use to produce new cutting edges
3M(TM) Pro-Pak(TM) Garnet Sanding Sheets 99411NA, 9-Inch by 11-Inch , 220A grit, 25 sht pk. 3M(TM) sandpaper comes-Inch a variety of minerals and a wide grit range. Garnet is a natural mineral that fractures during use to form new cutting edges, making it a good choice-Inch woodworking projects. The 9-Inch by 11-Inch sheets can be used by hand, or cut to fit on a sanding block, or a power tool sander. Sanding is an-Inch tegral step-Inch preparing a surface to receive a coating. For the best sanding results, sand with the grain of the wood and work through a sequence of grits, from coarse to very fine.