Rac X Wide Rac Reversible Switch-Tip

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Colour - Blue | Pressure - 4050 psi Typical Application - Residential, Commercial or Industrial Best to Use With - Lacquers to Mastics Latex Paints

Graco WideRAC airless sprayer tips covers double the area, spray in half the time of standard tips. Graco's WideRAC spray tips increase the fan-size to about 24-inches, as well as increased flow rate to ensure the proper mil build. WideRAC Spray Tips are made for high production WR1239

RAC 5 or RAC XWideRACSprayer size
.015 / LTX515WR1221 or WR1223most airless sprayers
.017 / LTX517WR1223 or WR1225many paint sprayers
.019 / LTX619WR1225 or WR1227Graco 390 or larger
.021 / LTX621WR1229 or WR1231Graco Ultra 395 or larger
.023 / LTX623WR1233 or WR1235Graco Ultra Max II 495 or larger
.025 / LTX625WR1235 or WR1237Graco Ultra Max II 595 or larger