HVLP Edge Gun Maintenance Kit

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Graco 256-961 Gun Rebuild Kit Edge Gun Graco HVLP Edge Gun Maintenance Kit - 256961 This kit is used in Graco's New HVLP Edge spray guns. For use with the following gun models: 256855, 256856, 257092, 257388, 257827 The following are included with the 256961 maintenance kit 111316 packing o-ring 112085 packing o-ring 124585 u-cup gasket seal 15V847 packing screw 15V865 spacer packing 15V867 u-cup spreader 15V869 u-cup packing 15W203 label 188493 u-cup packing label 277948 washer valve M70424 cup gasket 196466 cup air tube 256958 quick-clean check valve assembly 15W181 air captube